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Your link between technology and the understanding of technology !

Structural engineers within Applied Mechanics&Physics with focus on Technical analysis, Lightweight structures and Composites.

Real problem solving

by experiensed structural engineers

Experiensed Structural engineering helps you to design products/systems/structures in an optimal way under given prerequsites.

Technical anslysis

Strenght, Fluid, Acoustics

We work mainly with strenght and fluid related problems but we alos have knowledge in the area of acoustics.

What we do

Experiensed structural engineers preform Technical calculations in order to develop/improve our customers products/systems at for example. Design, Product improvements, Problem solving, Damage investigations or Virtual testing.

service 1

FEM analysis

Analysis of products/systems with numerical methods

service 2

Lightweight structures

Create lightweight structures by material selection and numerical calculations

service 4


Analyse stuctures exposed to shock & vibrations loading

service 3

Applied Mechanics

Uses theoretical formulas to solve real technical problems

Some of the projects/products we participated in the development of

team 1

Power transmission

Power transmission

Design of komponents for power transmission such as,

Power transmission-poles/-foundation,
Thyristor valve

team 1

Boats & Ships

Costal Corvette type Visby

Design of Boats/Ships according to
and onboard equipment.

Pleasure boats according to
"Nordisk Småbåtsstandard".


team 1

Construction Machinery

Loader ST14

Design of welded and casted parts/details in steel alt. aluminium for heavy machinery.


team 1


Subway C30

Lightweight cost effective designs where the life cycle cost is of great importance.

A combination of both constructive design and material selection provides an optimal structure

team 1

Hall building

Car wash in composite

Design of hall buildings made of composite material and such as sandwich constructions.

team 1

Air planes

School Aircraft TX

Lightweight constructions can mean lighter constructions through, for example, constructive design or by choice of material where each material is used optimally way.

Design of systems to handle X number of flight hours with respect to fatigue in different aircraft parts and for different loading cases.

About CompEng AB

CompEng Composite Engineering AB is a small company started by Kjell Mäkinen (PhD) who has worked with the development of mechanical designs/structures for about 25 years, in various industries (building, workshop, marine, transport).

We work with most types of structures/projects and problems, but have specialized knowledge in areas such as Lightweight Structures and Shock & Vibration.

The name CompEng Composite Engineering AB comes from the fact that we have great knowledge about "composite materials" both regarding material selection, constructive design and manufacture of products / systems in composite materials.
The name can also be interpreted as "composite knowledge" which indicates that we have a broad technical competence and experience that we use in practical problem solving of technical problems.

CompEng AB is part of BerIngNet (a network of Structural Engineers) that helps each other when our own skills or time is not enough !

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